Photographing weddings makes me want to get married all over again

I was fortunate to photograph another wedding. It was extra special because it was for someone in my I knew personally. We are alumni at Rising Star Montessori. Cassie who works there thought of me when she was tying the knot with her long time beau. Very lucky me❤

Being part of a wedding like this makes me want to get married all over again. Seriously. Love just radiates from this couple and group they are sharing their nuptials with.




Journey filled with golden light

Fortunate to get in a shoot this weekend before all the rain on Sunday. And we got that amazing golden light I covet and ❤ ❤ way too much!

I’ve gotten to photograph this little girl, Julia, ok not so ‘little’ anymore, a few times over the past years. (And I must say she has a great name eh? 😉 ). She’s even been my thesis model and I’ve gotten do to some family photos over the years. Such a big treat for me to see families as they grow. Seriously. If you’ve chosen me for the second or third (or more!), thank you so very much. I feel so fortunate to be following your family’s journey and am excited that my work is growing and maturing too 😉


Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails. That’s what little boys are made of….but not these two!

A few weeks ago I posted about two sisters made of sugar and spice… do you know the opposite to that rhyme? It reads “Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails, That’s what little boys are made of.” This family with these two little boys, definitely aren’t made of ‘Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails’, lol. They were sweet as can be and so darn handsome <3.


Shifting towards what I love. Real moments.

I am always looking to improve my photography. Right now it’s fall family season, and I want to better capture families togetherness. There is a photographer that I absolutely love and have been following for a while now, Rachel, who I feel does this well.

Taking a page from her book, I am adjusting my images to have more real time moments, as well as those images where everyone is looking at the camera. Call it lifestyle, or candid, it’s about capturing the art of your family and their interactions!

Examples so far. More to come 🙂 Can’t wait to capture YOUR real family moments and ❤


Choosing a location for your photos

Another important part of shooting outside is where you will shoot. Many subjects think it’s not a big deal to chose the location. It is. I am not trying to be pretentious, I just have the best quality image in mind. Really.

I want you to have the BEST quality images. The images taken below are an example. They were taken the same day, within a few minutes of each other.

Even if you are shooting in the same location each year, your family will have grown and changed. So if you LOVED the images you took the year before, KEEP the same location, because I bet you will get that SAME magical light that was a contributor to you ❤ LOVING those images.

Why do I reschedule in the overcast weather? Because lighting makes a huge difference to your images. Case and point below. It’s worth it.

Again, I have you in mind. I want to give you the best images. Please trust my judgement to create beautiful images for you.


SUBJECT PICKED LOCATION:photog-sub_location-2