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Where you print your photos DOES matter

I believe strongly in a professional quality photo. This will be especially important for skin tones, which many printers won’t do properly.

Printing is a fine art, and is very complicated. They have to align their printer to the exact paper and document colors. Please do not print at places like CVS, Walgreens, Target, Shutterfly, Costco etc. the colors come out VERY POORLY especially skin tones can look quite green/grey or very orange. Printers have a particular hard time printing in black and white they often come out green or pink instead of black and white, just something to watch out for.

If you don’t believe me? do your own research! Just look at all the samples when I googled this same topic.

Here is a sample image I found that displays exactly what I am speaking of. So please choose a professional PHOTO printer.


I recommend using a professional printer. But the problem with that is many only deal with professional photographers! Lucky you that you can print through me and I will ensure that you don’t get orange or green prints (gross!). And if you do I will send them back, and I will deal with the company for you!

IF you do find a reputable professional lab and deals with the public (I don’t know one), I would use their color correction if you aren’t using myself. I suggest choosing it, if you are not happy they stand by their color correction and will should reprint if necessary. Definitely speak up if you feel they the color looks incorrect.

For all options I choose luster, or pearl, not glossy or matte. Pearl and luster are in between glossy and matte. Luster is industry standard, it renders skin tones correctly and still has that semi-gloss pop, but doesn’t show all your finger prints like glossy does. Glossy is typically reserved for high fashion images. Matte often with fine art gallery imagery.

Another note if you choose to print yourself, my camera is formatted as a 8 x 12 dimensions. So that means when you go to print an 8×10, there will be some cropping. You can print them other sizes of course, but just be aware of the ratios so you get the whole image and no cropping occurs (or it’s cropping you want to occur). In most printing software, when you print, click on the image, and move the crop to where and how you want it, it will default to the center, which will result in poor cropping. Make sure you click on each image and choose your crops, if you are choosing to print a smaller dimensions than the formatted image.

As my contract and policies says I only guarantee images printed through myself, because I know they have been printed properly.

If I can help further, with choosing where to print or how etc, please do let me know.



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Please do not put “filters” on my images.

What I mean is, when you are re-posting my images, to Instagram, Facebook and the like, a photographer has given you, myself included, please refrain from putting a filter on it before posting it. Leave it filter free. Because it’s copyright infringement. Yep even putting a black and white filter on my color photo – no good.

See how these are COMPLETELY different images?


Don’t get me wrong I LOVE ❤ it when you re-post our images. At least I do. I particularly love it when you re-post and tag me and tell me how much you love the photos. Thank you for those that have done this. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are the best!

Why is it important not to put a filter on it? As a photographer I have worked very hard to create a style of photography. I have also edited my images to look similar. When you put a filter on my images you are erasing all this hard work.

Why else? It’s not your work. It changes the images, it makes them something else that I didn’t want them to be, otherwise I would have made them so in the first place. Also you don’t have permission to change my work and still associate my name with it.

I am not trying to offend anyone by writing this. It is extremely hard to put the above eloquently and in laymen’s terms. Let me try to put this another way, it would almost be like a writer publishing a book. Then someone else republishing the book with a bunch of edits without the writers permission and leaving the writers name on the book. Does that make sense?

I am trying to make a kind request. I work hard to please you, the person I am giving these images to. I sincerely hope you like the images, no love them. I hope you love them enough not to want to change them and put a filter on them.

Here is my example. See how these are COMPLETELY different. Can you see how if changes the image?
(and NO I did not create this post for you to choose which filter)


I wrote this post after reading this one.  Also a friend of mine, a fellow photographer in Canada has written this into her contract with her clients. I have also written this into my contract. If you’ve signed my contract you have agreed not to change or add any type of filters to my images.

Need or want a black and white conversion? Not all images “work” in black and white. But do let me know so we can work together instead of doing it and are under contract infringement.

Please be understanding, kind and respectful of your photographers work.

If you have done this in the past, not to worry, you didn’t know. But now you do 🙂

SMALL NOTE: If you FEEL you need them in black and white – email me. Happy to chat. Not all images are conducive to black and white conversion, as there needs to be enough contrast. (very small cost for BW conversion, as I don’t just “filter”, it’s MUCH more complicated than that. I hand edit).


Loving newborn photography

It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged! I’ve been busy.

I now have a new Instagram account for my photos only so I’ve been using that like a blog. Here it is: https://www.instagram.com/juliachristinaportraitphoto/

I’ve been working on my newborn photography A LOT! I went to Calgary, Alberta this past spring to visit my brother’s family. I also had to chance to take a one-on-one mentoring session with Brianna Payne Photography. I very much recommend her, for images or mentoring! She is not only talented but such a lovely person.

I am also looking forward to the fall months for family photos again, in August I will shout out to families I photographed last year to get you on my schedule for this year.

This summer I will continue with my second to last MFA class, thesis writing, and practicing my photography craft of course!

I will be continuing my efforts to get the word out about my newborn photography. Here is a small sampling of some images, so much more on Instagram. Stay tuned on Instagram for more! Ping me if you know a friend who’s pregnant  😉  Or send them my info!



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Growing with families

I have photographed both this family’s newborn babes and now I am doing their family photos. This is what I want to do guys! I want a studio business in maternity and newborns and follow families as they grow

Don’t these guys make the cutest kids? Like seriously!newbornnoah-0144newbornnoah-0760



A reminder I am creating a studio in my home to create photos like this of past blog post of baby Theo, and offering right now the session fee is free, message me for deets!


First newborn model with new set up!

Finally sharing this sweet image I created with the help of Brianna Payne. Even though I have many newborn sessions under my belt, I do them a bit differently and learned a ton creating this image. I am looking to create more images in my studio similar to Brianna’s newborn work.

I want to add many more newborns and maternity sessions! If possible I would like to do it exclusively once I finish my MFA. I finish my MFA this summer. THIS summer… finally!

I have an all new set up at my home and I am looking for models like this little bean. Newborn models between 5-12 days old, moms contact me when they are pregnant. I will gift you one retouched, digital image I choose for you, and no session cost. Pass on the good word peeps!

Isn’t this little man positively edible? ❤