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My maternity prop closet

When you schedule a maternity session with me you get access to my maternity prop closet! So much easier than having to stress about what to wear for your maternity photo session, when I already have so many for you to choose from! We can often fit in two dress changes 😉 (Sometimes if it’s just momma and partner (no extra family) we can fit in 3 changes… sometimes if all the stars align, but only set your heart on two 🙂 )

If you dislike the dresses below, I would suggest you shop here:  https://www.sewtrendyaccessories.com/
and you can likely exchange it with me for a print credit. Ask me FIRST though! Here is my wishlist with them: https://www.sewtrendyaccessories.com/pages/wishlist?from_user_id=137004&list=1542777973
They still need to be in a specific size, and color but willing to work with you on the color 🙂 OR if the sizing and color doesn’t work out for my closet, buy it from them and sell it back to them! Look up their buy back program.

In order to photograph with me you need a maternity dress for maternity photos. YEP. I have standards. You’ve hired ME for my professional opinion, trust it. I DO know what looks best. If you are doing both the newborn and maternity sessions with me, in order to qualify for the discount, as per welcome package keep in mind you need to use the dresses below (or from my sew trendy wish list).

Below are all the beautiful gowns I have:

  1. Flowy blue



2) White lace


3) Black lace (same as white lace, but one size larger):


4) Mustard


5) Nude, off the shoulder, jersey knit:



6) Pairing of lace top and pale pink flowy skirt:


7) Steel blue boho dress:


8) Merlot (deep red) color bell sleeve gown with extended train:


9) I also have this identical dress in hunter green color same, bell sleeve gown with extended train:


10) I recently added this pretty white lace dress:





11) I also recently added this pinky-peachy dress:


12) ‘Miriam’ Ivory dress:20181125_0443_1web20181125_0468web


13) Krysten Gown in light grey.


14) Kiara gown in navy blue




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