First newborn model with new set up!

Finally sharing this sweet image I created with the help of Brianna Payne. Even though I have many newborn sessions under my belt, I do them a bit differently and learned a ton creating this image. I am looking to create more images in my studio similar to Brianna’s newborn work.

I want to add many more newborns and maternity sessions! If possible I would like to do it exclusively once I finish my MFA. I finish my MFA this summer. THIS summer… finally!

I have an all new set up at my home and I am looking for models like this little bean. Newborn models between 5-12 days old, moms contact me when they are pregnant. I will gift you one retouched, digital image I choose for you, and no session cost. Pass on the good word peeps!

Isn’t this little man positively edible? ❤


5 thoughts on “First newborn model with new set up!

  1. Hi Julia–

    I am SO interested and would love to participate! We are expecting our second little bundle of surprise the first week of August. Does this fit your eta/timeframe?
    Please feel free to contact me via email! I so hope we can work together soon!
    Kind regards,
    Sarah LUNEAU

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