More Fresh 48 sessions, but birth thesis not approved

Need to catch up on a three fresh 48 sessions I’ve done over the past few months.

Disappointingly my advisors were not thrilled with doing my birth photography idea for my thesis. They felt that there was no opportunity to create my own style as a photographer, which is essentially what my thesis is about. However, I already had volunteers and I wanted to still ‘make good’ on my promise to capture their babes first moments. So I offered fresh 48 sessions instead. Here are a few different ones I was able to capture. Fresh 48 occur in your place of birth, all these mommas birthed at home so their fresh 48 sessions were also at home.

I often favour black and white so there are not too many competing colors, but there are instances when the colors work out just right, then I chose the color images as my favs.

New family of five with this little boy:





New family of three with this little girl:

Can you believe this momma just gave birth about 48 hours prior? She really doesn’t look it!






And another new family of three with this little girl:


I love daddy’s big hands with dainty little gal:



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